Study shows Yoga and Mindfulness in Schools Reduce Depression

Mindfulness is the practice of gaining focused awareness on the present and its benefits have been shown over the years to improve emotional stability and better sleep patterns.  Some schools are now working mindfulness into their curriculums by teaching children as young as five years old how to become more focused.  A recent study now shows that programs that teach mindfulness could help reduce depression-related symptoms in adolescents.

The research study by the University of Leuven took into account the experiences of 408 students from children in towns across Belgium.  At the beginning of the study, the students responded to questions that were meant to reveal symptoms of depression, stress and anxiety.  The students were then divided into a test group and a control group.   The test group engaged in an in-class mindfulness exercise, sharing their experiences, group reflection, inspiring stories, and education on stress, depression and self-care. Meanwhile, the control group, received no training. Afterwards, all the students filled out another questionnaire immediately after the training and then again six months later.

The study results show that students who took the mindfulness program exhibited decreased symptoms associated with stress, anxiety and depression.  Moreover, the decreased symptoms were there immediately after the program and in the six month follow-up.

The possible benefits of mindfulness programs in schools show a real benefit to children, who often have to rely on over-prescribing pills for pain management as is common in Miami hospital malpractice and other negligence across the states.

Many schools now are starting to see the benefits of stress-reducing techniques like mindfulness programs, yoga classes and wellness centers in their classrooms.  Options like mindfulness meditation training or yoga could be the future for children to overcome the tough mental challenges that face them on their road to academic success.