The How to Guide to Heavy Metal Detox

Congratulations! Detoxifying your body of heavy metals is a great step that you have undertaken in order to ensure optimum health. There are numerous steps that you would need to follow after you been tested as positive in heavy metal poisoning screening or if you suspect heavy metal toxicity in your body. There are two main detox methods that you can use. The first is the home detoxifications and the second is chelation. There are fad diets and juices available in the market as well, which have not been tested scientifically. We would focus on the first two methods.

Home detoxification

In this method, you will have to eliminate all refined carbs and other allergic substances from your diet. Try to include as many probiotics and a food fiber supplement as you can and ensure that you get a good dose of Omega 3 fatty acids and proteins in order to get the detoxification and antioxidant properties of amino acids present in these substances.

Also, take a good dose of calcium and B complex vitamins in order to make sure that your liver is working properly. This will automatically enhance the functioning of the liver that will eliminate all toxic heavy metals from the body. In addition, one can use regular sauna services and if possible daily saunas in order to ensure that metals are removed from your body tissues as well. This way, it presents a slow, but very steady method of heavy metal detox. The supplements Vitamin C, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Glutathione and chlorella should be added to your diet, as these will detox the heavy metals out of your body.

Chelation detox

This is the doctor recommended method of detoxification. Usually, an oral dose or infusion of various vitamins and minerals is given to the body, because of which the harmful toxins are removed, the free radicals are eliminated and the tissues are cleansed from the core. In this too, the intravenous method is generally faster than the oral supplementation method.

The bottom line: what must you use?

In order to instantly get relief from heavy metal toxicity symptoms, you must go for intravenous chelation. In addition to this, you can use the home detoxifications methods too. This way, you will be giving your body a chance to eliminate the wastes and recover faster. The process of chelation will eliminate the hazardous chemicals while a good and organic home diet will make your tissues stronger and more energetic.

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NJ Holistic Center – How to Test For Heavy Metal Poisoning?

Heavy metal poisoning has become quite common these days. With an increasing exposure to metal and the lifestyle that allows heavy metals to become a part of our routine. As a result, the chances of heavy metal poisoning become very obvious. If you have been feeling nauseous all this time without any identifiable reason and want to vomit all that you eat, you might be experiencing the early symptoms of heavy metal poisoning.

Add to this, headaches, delusions, loss of memory, unaccountable behavioral chances and disruption in the working of the liver, the kidneys, lungs and even the heart and brain, and then chances are that the toxicity is way too high and you need to go for a test immediately.

The biggest favor you can do to yourself at this moment is go to a doctor and narrate any incidences that you remember where you came in contact with heavy metals for a short or long duration of time. If you work at places where you deal with heavy metals, then you must already be getting screened regularly for poisoning. However, the rest of the residents of New Jersey need to identify their symptoms and visit a doctor as soon as possible.

The usual testing can vary from a hair analysis, urine, urine challenge or blood test. However, some of these are not an accurate way of measuring the level of toxicity.

Most of the times, the symptoms that occur in heavy metal poisoning can easily be experienced solely or in a cluster in other medical conditions. Blood tests may or may not be easily able to find out whether or not a metal is present in the body and to what level has the toxicity increased.

There are a few metals that do not remain in the blood and quickly transfer to the heart or other tissues. Therefore, the doctors always advise multiple tests, so that even the slightest level of poisoning can be detected. These tests include a blood test, hair test, urine test, tissue test and fingernail test.

The test results can also be predicted well only by a doctor as lower levels in blood may not necessarily mean lower levels in tissues or vice versa and the doctors have to be really careful in determining the case details.

If your doctor finds you positive, you would most probably be asked to undergo Chelation therapy in New Jersey in which toxic metals will be eliminated from the body, and fresh and helpful minerals and vitamins introduced to the tissues.

All Testing For Heavy Metal Poisoning is available at the holistic center called …
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