What is a Homeopathic Doctor

A homeopathic doctor, also known as a homeopath, is a person who practices a form of alternative medicine. The healing principles practiced and remedies used by them usually have little or no connection to actual medical science.

However, seeing a homeopathic doctor still persists in some social circles as a possible addition or alternative to seeking help from qualified medical professionals. While no comprehensive medical research has ever proved the effectiveness of homeopathic remedies, there seem to be some people who regularly report successful cases of curing a wide range of ailments, convincing others desperate for results to give it a try as well.

What does a Homeopathic Doctor Do?

Unlike naturopaths, nutritionists and herbalists, a homeopathic doctor does not devise any dietary plans or long term instructions for their patients to carry out themselves. It should also not be confused with what is known as holistic medicine. Rather, it deals with finding appropriate remedies for any particular ailment, diluting them and applying according to prescribed directions. There are two core principles of homeopathy, namely the Totality of Symptoms and the Law of Similars.

Devised in late 18th century by someone named Samuel Hahnemann, these two laws have remained similarly unchanged and unproven to this day. The first homeopathic doctor defended the idea that a serious illness can be cured by a substance that causes in healthy individuals the same symptoms as the ones experienced by those who are sick. He also believed in having to dilute the substance to eliminate any possible harm to the patient and somehow strengthen its effects at the same time.

Despite having written six books outlining the system during his lifetime, Hahnemann never presented any real evidence to those assumptions. However, homeopathy caught on in the 19th century Europe simply because nobody had seen anything like it before.

Homeopathy Today

Despite being criticized by people representing mainstream medicine, homeopathic doctors find their way into our daily lives and some even seem to be achieving successful outcomes with their patients. Having merged with other types of alternative medicine, as well as traditional medicine, homeopathy has gone through some big changes and taken many new forms. A homeopathic doctor nowadays can be found dealing with dietary concerns and recommending naturally-based medical treatments.

It is important to understand that no successful forms of homeopathy have survived until this day exactly as they were centuries ago. People calling themselves homeopathic doctors may still employ some principles that have a few things in common with theories devised by Hahnemann.

Homeopathy is Safe for Health

If you are having doubts about visiting a homeopathic doctor, but you have already tried everything else, you should know that nearly all forms of homeopathic treatment are completely safe for your help. In fact, the grounds on which the medical community has always debunked it have more to do with it being a absolutely ineffectual, rather than harmful for a human body.

Homeopathy has a lot to do with becoming one with the laws of nature and using them to your advantage in treating your ailments. If after reading this article you still have not figured out what a homeopathic doctor is exactly, you are no different from everyone else in the world. Feel free to sign up for an appointment with a homeopathic doctor as an interesting and new experience, but be sure not to get your hopes too high

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