Hypnosis Hypnotherapist Directory and Powerful Marketing Tips

Are you a hypnosis therapist or hypnotherapist looking to market your practice, products and websites? If so you should consider getting listed in this directory.

Getting in the hypnosis field means you want to help people. In order for you to help people you need clients calling you up and emailing you to make appointments. For this to happen you need traffic to your website and listings on other websites that get you exposure.

This directory has been specifically designed for both purposes. To help your hypnosis website rank higher in the search engines and give you additional internet exposure for your products or services.

This directory for hypnosis and hypnotherapist of all types gives you maximum exposure. Take a few moments and read about the different listing you can have in this directory. But first check out the marketing tips below.

Hypnosis Marketing Tip #1

Put a word press blog on your website. Blogging is a fantastic free way to gain traffic to your website by creating articles that are based on keywords. The more articles you can write into your blog the more traffic you will get to your website. The more you write the more traffic to your website! Search engines rank websites based on many different criteria, but nothing is more important than having lots of good quality content on your website. This will give the search engines lots of keywords they can use to rank you for. Also, never underestimate the power of online groups! They provide a social hub for you to network and get the word out about your services and what makes you unique. Here’s a great example of one such group that is specifically using hypnotherapy to help smokers quit: https://quitza.com/groups/1082/quitting-smoking-with-hypnosis

What to learn more about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for websites. Click the link to be taken to SEO Basic Webpage.

Hypnosis Marketing Tip #2

Any hypnotherapist with a brick and mortar location must take advantage of free local business directories. There are many great local business directories that are free and they will drive traffic to your website. Get your business listed in each of the directories below and you’ll see a boost in website visitors and a boost in business too.

  • Google Local Business Center
  • Yahoo! Local
  • Local.com
  • SuperPages
  • YellowPages.com

If you have the time, getting listed in the directories above will help. However, if you are short on time there are many services which will list your website with the directories above and many others. Check out my personal favorites www.ubl.org

Take action today to getting more internet traffic to your website, more internet exposure so you can help more people!