5 Ways Integrative Medicine Can Help You

Our system is based on a “get sick-see a doctor” approach where we only see a doctor when we’re not feeling well.  Integrative medicine focuses on a healthy through a therapeutic approach combined with  preventative care.  Thinking about our health with a holistic mindset can help you achieve optimal health, and true well-being.  

Relieves Psychological Stress Through Relaxation Techniques

As a stress reducer, the holistic approach of relaxation therapy has shown to be extremely effective.  Cancer patients have been known to use meditative practices to reduce anxiety, nausea and fatigue that comes with chemotherapy.  Meditation has also been found to effect the mind and body connection, producing the “feel good” chemical called melatonin to bring patients a good night’s sleep.

Taking A Pro-Active Effort to Figure out Own Treatment Plans Before Doctor Consultation

Before you see your doctor, you might look into changes to your own life. Be aware of how your lifestyle may be affecting your health.  Although integrative medicine is tailored to many dimensions of your life, investigate which holistic therapies you might like to try first.

Addresses Mind-Body Importance

One big difference between holistic and conventional medicine is how it approaches illness and disease.  Conventional medicine treats the disease, whereas holistic medicine looks at the total balance of physical, mental, and emotional connections within the body. Integrative medicine focuses on mindfulness, self-care, and professional care to reach optimal health.  Ideally, a doctor specializing in integrative medicine may recommend conventional methods in partnership with alternative ones such as massage therapy, yoga, acupuncture, and a fitness plan that will treat your mind and your body.

Manages Weight Through Integrative Nutrition

For those concerned about weight loss, strategies for managing emotions and stress are part of the package. Mindful eating skills are then put into place to truly transform your lifestyle and daily routine. Of course, as the name implies, integrative medicine doesn’t work in isolation; these alternative methods are to be complementary to other prescription medications you may need.

Using Natural Alternatives vs. Chemical Drugs to Treat Illness

The use of natural remedies such as herbs and botanical medicines have been in place since the caveman days.  They are an alternative, or can supplement, regular medicinal treatment to bring on optimal health.  Those suffering from PMS symptoms, high cholesterol and blood pressure, inflammation and headaches have all seen improvements with the use of dietary supplements, vitamins, probiotic and herbal medicines.

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