Botox Can Help You Reach Optimum Happiness

At Inspire Med Spa, Botox specialists tailor every treatment to reach
every client’s desired results.

Located in Lyndhurst, NJ, and conveniently located near the towns Nutley, Newark, Kearny, Belleville, Bloomfield, West Orange, and Montclair, Inspire Med Spa looks to become the place New Jersey turns to for botox treatments. The before and after pictures on Facebook show just how effective the spa’s specialized treatments are at reducing crows feet, frown lines, and forehead wrinkles. Each treatment is specifically tailored for what a client wants so that a client can experience maximum results and, yes, maximum happiness.

Botox is not only effective for reducing signs of aging, but it can also change your outlook on life. This isn’t just the phenomenon of feeling good because you look good; studies actually show that botox can make you happier. Past research using botox recipients has shown that our emotions can actually be driven by our facial expressions, which means that smiling can make you feel happy and, the reverse, a frown can make you feel sad. A study conducted at the University of Cardiff in Wales actually found that people who were unable to frown because botox inhibited them to do so were happier than people who could frown. This finding is crucial for a society that is constantly looking for sources of happiness and that is, perhaps, overmedicated with anti-depressants prescribed to alter the brain chemistry of depression sufferers. But what this study suggests is that our emotions are not restricted to our brains; our facial expressions have a lot to do with how we feel.

To further examine the effects botox can have on people diagnosed with depression, Dr. Eric Finzi studied ten clinically depressed women who had Botox injected into their frown lines. At the end of the treatment, depression was either eliminated or significantly reduced in subjects. If feeling happier can be as simple as receiving a botox injection, then Inspire Med Spa wants to be at the forefront of developing specialized botox treatments that both improve a person’s physical and emotional well-being.

The areas that can be treated with Botox are the forehead, between the eyes, and around the eyes, which are the areas where muscles experience the most tension. From the natural look to the frozen look to anything in between, Inspire Med Spa will help you create a Botox treatment that will make you look youthful, look energized, and look rested. This is sure to send some positive waves to the brain!

To find out more about the Botox and other treatments Inspire Med Spa has to offer, as well as special deals on packages, visit their website, send them an email at, or give them a call at 201-933-2333.

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What Are Anti-Oxidants And How They Can Help You?

Antioxidants are a substance that reduces the rate of oxidative stress within a cell. In medical or science terms, oxidative reactions are chemical reactions that entail the transferring of electrons from a chemical to an oxidizing substance. All living cells in our bodies contain antioxidants to prevent cell damage by oxidation.

A healthy nutritious diet will have antioxidants from fruits and vegetables that will benefit every part of your mind and body. Often over the counter supplements have antioxidants that are used for preventing illness and disease such as depression, alzheimer’s, diabetes, and arthritis to just name a few. There have been many scientific studies in the U.S. and abroad that have clearly shown a benefit for the products tested.

Antioxidants are powerful substances that repair damage to cells and the body’s tissues. Scientist and studies have found a direct link between cell damage and the presence of illnesses. Cancer is associated with oxidative stress which causes cell damage. These free radicals that harm cells within our body result in inflammation and contribute to the growth of cancer tumors.

Public health agencies, researchers and doctors suggest eating antioxidant-rich foods, like fruits and vegetables, which reduces damage to cells from free radicals. This can slow down, stop or improve many illnesses and diseases that begin from free radical cell damage and can even slow down our natural aging process.

Since the discovery of vitamins, minerals and various other neutraceuticals, it has been well known that antioxidants in the supplement form or through diet are crucial for healthy living and aging. There has been a large amount of data which has been gathered that shows supplements with various kinds of antioxidants can reverse diseases and improve someone’s overall well being.

There are many supplement and health food/vitamin stores that sell antioxidants for many different purposes. These supplements can be many types of antioxidants, like green tea, curcumin, alpha lipoic acid, CoQ10, vitamin C, E, D, Zinc, fish oil, flaxseed oil, n-acetyl-cysteine, GLA and many others.

What type of supplements should you be taking? What do you need for your health conditions?

Learning about vitamins, minerals, nutraceuticals, herbs and supplements can be very confusing.  Especially, when reading all the contradictory health information on the interne and trying to figure out what you should be taking. You may have been told or believe, that if we eat a well balanced nutritionally packed diet we don’t need vitamins, minerals, etc, supplements. Unfortunately, this just isn’t realistic in our world.

The world is constantly stressed and the environment is heavily polluted. We don’t always have time to eat a healthy nutritional diet or have enough nutrients to constantly detox the toxic exposure from living in the modern world. Supplements can make up the difference between poor eating, our lifestyle and help your personal health problems. Your brain and body need energy to accomplish all your responsibilities and tasks on an average day. A healthy diet is one with plenty of good quality protein, absorbable sources of calcium from low fat dary (if you can digest it of course), healthy fats like nuts, seeds, and fish, good carbohydrates like sweet potatoes and yams, and other nutrients supplemented for specific health concerns.

The Dietary Guidelines for Americans makes the below recommendations for age groups:

  • Anyone over 50 years of age should consume vitamin B12 and  a multivitamin as a supplement.


  • Females of childbearing age who may or want to become pregnant and adolescent to teenage women should have some iron rich foods (such as low fat red meats) and take a multivitamin with iron.


  • Adults and children who get inadequate exposure to sunlight should consume extra vitamin D from vitamin D-fortified foods or supplements. A blood test will give you a definitive answer of how much you should be taking.


  • Calcium is a very important bone building child bearing mineral for women. Most calcium supplements only contain 30-50% of the recommended daily amounts and must be supplemented by diet intake of other sources, such as low fat cheese, low fat yogurt, low fat milk.

It’s if you want to be healthy and age gracefully it is important to take an active role in your body and health. In addition to reading articles on website like health section or, you can find a lot of information about supplements. Best of all is to consult a nutritionist or naturopathic physician for advice about vitamins and supplements, and your diet.

Garlic – A Powerful Natural Alternative Treatment

Did you know there is a healing substance that can improve your health and the life of your family and friends? It’s a unique, over a thousand year old herbal alternative medicine. Whether you are dealing with a cold, either viral or bacterial or a fungus or yeast infection this can help.

Garlic the wonderful all natural herbal alternative medicine that has been healing the mind and body of thousands of cultures. It is made up of different therapeutic chemicals like allicin, allin , sulfur, just to name a few. It is considered an antiseptic, antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal. The chemicals within garlic work synergistically, along with other healing compounds to help bring the mind/body into a better mental state. The end result is a large number of healing properties with uses throughout the body.

Garlic is a natural, alternative medicine, broad-spectrum antibacterial. This is useful, because even if you don’t know where an infection started or is, Garlic will find it and kill it. Besides this it also has anti-parasite and is an excellent alternative medicine remedy for yeast/candida overgrowth.

These powerful properties make it effective in relieving many problems, including:

Allergies, Boils, Cholesterol, Congestion, Common Colds, Ear infections, General Infections, Flu, Fungus, Parasites, Sinusitis, UTIs, etc.

Garlic is a natural, alternative medicine antimicrobial that has zero side effects, actually maybe a little garlic breath, but by brushing your teeth, having gum or using a breath mint afterward will take the smell away.

Pharmaceutical antibiotics have lots of bad side effects, such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and lowering the immune system. Scientific research has found that after we complete 23 cycles of treatments with antibiotics, we have an increased chance of cancer. Where as garlic has some anti-cancer properties.

Garlic can also remedy recurrent or hard to treat yeast infections and candida (which are also another potential side effect of antibiotics use).

You can see that Garlic sounds like a wonderful powerful alternative medicine treatment for many conditions. It can be used along with conventional treatment or as a stand along therapy.

So, begin adding garlic to your cooking and taking it as a supplement.