Learning How Reiki Can Help Your Problems

Reiki is often thought of in conjunction with natural holistic healing or a healing of mind and body where pharmaceutical drugs are an alternative.

Reiki is an ancient form of healing the mind and body with energy. The reiki practitioner services  as a channel for Universal Life Force. The person who is having Reiki performed on opens there self up as a channel and accepts an energy that comes from a higher source to aid healing. This is believed to have positive effects for the body, mind or what the Indian system called chakra.

Reiki is based on a principle that the universe has an energy that can transmit to people improving their health. This universal energy force is also called Chi which originated in China. It is believed to be able to healing anything.

These principles also state that the energy flows are affected by the thoughts and feelings of a Reiki practitioner. For example, if they think of negative things, this will create diseases and bad events. If the reiki practitioner thinks the opposite, good health and events will come.

To know how reiki healing is performed, here is an example: in most cases, the reiki healer performs some hand rituals and eventually places their hands over the ill person. Then they will perform some massage and will make some hand actions like they are smoothing out a sheet or blanket on the bed. This smoothing movement is designed to correct and improve the person’s aura. There are other methods in Reiki, where some reiki masters just put their hands right on the ill person and leave it there as long as necessary.

Good practitioners are also able to heal the body and mind over a distance. This can be referred to as Reiki remote healing. The practitioner will simply ask for an object that will represent the sick participant and they will treat that agreed upon object just like he is the person.

Reiki is definitely a different healing process compared with others. Another positive is that reiki has even shown positive results in medical studies.

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