The Biggest Meditation Conference in LA 

The hectic and tough routine of our lifestyle has lead us to stress and depression. Many of us have forgotten to provide nutrition which actually our mind and soul need the most.  The meditation and yoga is the best way to provide eternal peace and comfort to our nerves. We all need happiness that is not attained through materialistic things; it is achieved through complete focus and techniques use for meditation. Yogmata Keiko Aikawa is one of the famous Samadhi masters who have reached the eternal level of Samadhi, during the meditation at the highest altitude of Himalayas. Her rigid training and tough schedule polished her capabilities. She is the first non-Indian to achieve the ultimate stage of Samadhi. Yogmata is conducting the biggest meditation conference in LA to spiritually guide the people and aims at increasing her followers through prestigious visit. The YogaUNCP is collaborating with Yogmata to promote her expertise in yoga towards people who need to deal life in a positive approach in order to heal their disease both mental and physical.

Aikawa yoga has been one of the popular art of yoga to cure different ailment and to reach the highest level of spiritual believe and faith through meditation. The event conducted to be soon in LA has been completed with more than 250 registration and the bookings are continuously going on to acquire the ultimate yoga practice of spiritual training and mediation. According to Yogmata Samadhi is a gateway of self-recognition and contentment. Aikawa  was in the mentorship of Pilot Baba who is one of the greatest saints of Himalaya. Keiko Aikawa aims to transform life through her mediation techniques and spiritual energy.

Yogmata want to share the secret of her eternal bliss with outside bliss, she always welcome others with gratitude, love, and peace blooming eyes. Her belief that her skills spread happiness and she love to share her knowledge with others. The more she spread the greater contentment she receives. The world has many reasons to diminish the eternal peace and happiness, the opportunity to meet Aikawa is knocking your door to get rid of your ego and feel the real sense of purity.

Yoga for Universal Peace presents Yoga and the UN Culture of Peace event that highlights the philosophical and psychological effect yoga has on spiritual, emotional and physical overall balance and wellbeing. Remunerations of yoga on universal harmony and amity in the world are discovered during the discussions, along with technical research proving the advantages of practicing yoga for better communities and individuals. Amalgamation of Eastern spiritual traditions with Western modalities of yoga practices are the topics of discussion for the conference in Los Angeles.

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Who is Yogmata Keiko Aikawa in Yoga Community?


The peace prevail in all of us but the thirst to find it in the eternal meditation is a great supplement for our life’s. We all need relaxation and comfort of mind through some brain workouts, these does not require movements but actually require the correct and peace loving person that motivates and inspire us to follow the path of tranquility. Numerous yoga masters in the world are famous due to their mediation and curing the diseases through their eternal practices; YOGMATA is the queen of all. The kindness and politeness prevails in her gesture, her personality is total depiction of hope and love. She belongs to a very respectable family and has mastered the skills of Samadhi to reach the eternal bound of amity and tranquility.

She belongs to yamnashi, japan and traveling for the thirst of knowledge since her teens as she was aware about her inner talent and capabilities especially gifted to her by god. She feels happy when she observes people smiling because of her. From the age of 15 her quest for eternal harmony was developed. Since 1970’s she was popular as Aikawa yoga and aims to spread the power of yoga throughout the world. Her practices have taught her many lessons in which she considers that every human has Anugraha Shakti to heal others. She believes in self-healing and is determined to transmit her skills to human beings that need her for relaxing their nerves or curing the hardcore diseases.

She has masters the skills of yoga and has been promoted worldwide since many years as an ambassador of promoting yoga as a source of peace and harmony in the world.

Yogmata Keiko Aikawa was inspired from the famous Samadhi master HARI BABA, and then practices rigid and rigorous training at the highest peaks of mountain almost 5,000 and 6,000 meters in the Himalayas. Under the tutorship of HARI BABA, she was declared to be the first non-Indian women to accept the definite state of Samadhi—- A spiritual standard that exceed the state of awareness and in which a phase of oneness is achieved with the godhead.

Today, she is regarded as a writer, remarkable public speaker and highly acclaimed siddha master. She has privilege of performing Samadhi’s in numerous scared places of India as well as in the famous event of Maha Kumbh Mela, a holy event that occurs only once every 144 years.

Yogmata Keiko Aikawa’s endless contribution, affectionate skills and tireless teaching session has made her a public figure and she was awarded with the leading spiritual award of the largest spiritual Austerities Association in India, Juna Akara – the title “Mahamandaleshwar” (The Supreme Master of the Universe). In 2009, the respected Dalai Lama wrote the introductory of her book A Himalayan Master’s Simple Way to Realization. She has also appeared in number of popular channels and newspaper around the world which includes CNN, BBC, The Japan Times, and The Times of India. She is the master of Samadhi and her passion has led her to millions of followers who deliberately respect and honor her.

Yogmata is expected to deliver a speech as the key speaker at the Yoga and the UN Culture of Peace conference in New York City on October 28, 2016 at the United Nations Headquarters and in Los Angeles on October 30th, 2016 at the Naam Yoga LA.

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