Treatment Of Stage 5 Kidney Disease

Stage 5 kidney disease is the last and worst problem that anybody’s kidneys can face. In short, stage 5 kidney disease is kidney failure. Unlike in stage 1, 2, 3 and 4 kidney disease, there are no preventive measures that can be taken when you are diagnosed with stage 5 kidney disease. The only thing that can be done here is a kidney transplant or dialysis. You are said to have kidney failure, i.e. stage 5 kidney disease, when 85-90% of your kidney functioning is gone, your GFR has fallen below 15 and your kidneys do not work well enough to keep you alive. However, one thing should be stated clearly at this juncture. Having kidney failure does not mean that you are going to die. Many people who have stage 5 kidney disease live normal happy lives and continue doing the things that they love doing.

The first method of solving a stage 5 kidney disease is through a kidney transplant. This means that the kidney which is malfunctioning or has completely failed is replaced with a healthy kidney. The healthy kidney can come from a dead donor or from a living donor who has agreed to volunteer his or her kidney to the patient. A kidney that has been recently transplanted normally works immediately without any complication. However, you are going to be given some medicines to make sure that your body does not reject the new kidney. One thing that you should know is that kidney transplant is a treatment and not a cure. You may still continue experiencing some problems with your kidney which can now be cured using other means.

The second treatment option is hemodialysis. Hemodialysis is a process that is done on the kidneys to remove excess fluids and waste from your body. Hemodialysis can be done at home or at hospital. Hemodialysis is done when the blood is pumped through a special dialysis machine. As this blood is pumped through the machine, it is filtered and returned into your bloodstream. At any one time during the entire process, it is only a small portion of your blood that is out of your body. When done in hospital, the whole process usually takes between 3-5 hours for 3 times a week. If done at home, you have more flexibility with the timings. It can be done for between 1 and 1 and a half hours on a daily basis.

The moment that you feel that you are getting better after adopting one of these methods of stage 5 kidney failure treatments, there are some things that you should observe strictly. Eat a lot of natural foods which are more healthy than processed foods and also drink a lot of water. Visiting your doctor on a regular basis is also very important.

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