What is HCG Diet – Milestone of Weight Loss?

Everyone who lives in the present world deserves to be healthy and happy. Different methods are available for them to lose weight and the HCG diet can be considered as a unique approach out of them. Even though some people are skeptical, hundreds of people tend to explore the benefits of consuming a HCG diet to lose weight in a convenient manner.

The problem that arises is with the original HCG Diet and HCG Injections  it a one size fits all approach. Meaning that everyone got the same diet, ate the same foods and took the same dose of HCG. We credit the original founder,  Dr. A.T.W. Simeons, a world-famous British Endocrinologist, for discovering the weight loss potential of HCG. But with follow up studies over the last 70 years we now know it needs to be a customize program for anyone to benefit.

The acronym HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. It is basically a hormone that is produced in placenta as a result of chemical reactions within human body. Usually, this hormone is associated with pregnancy and it is the method used to diagnose pregnancies.

History of the HCG Diet & Injections

The HCG diet was invested by a British Doctor named Dr. Simeons. It has been there in the world for more than 50 years and has maintained an excellent reputation throughout that time due to effective results.

So, what differentiate HCG diet from the traditional weight loss methods? Dr. Simeons considered obesity as a disorder because he figured out that overeating is not the only reason behind it. Therefore, he followed a unique approach and came up with HCG diet that can treat obesity as a health condition. This diet will break down the fat deposits in your body and convert them into energy. In addition, it also destroys the adipose cells that play a major role behind obesity. When you seek the assistance of a HCG diet for weight loss, you will experience a reduction of fat deposition. That is the reason why many people who follow this diet say that they experience regular hunger pangs.

Why a Customized HCG Diet Weight Loss Plan

You don’t want to use the old method of HCG with the standard diet. When you work with the, “AIM Centers .. Advanced HCG Rapid Weight Loss System” you will leave with a complete customized program tailored to you and your issues.  And aside from losing weight very quick, you will also be healthier.

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Here is a typical first time visit will be like ….

The avenue of HCG diet is subjected to  a doctor visit. You need to meet a doctor and ask whether a HCG diet will work for you or not before trying it. You also will need to receive the HCG Injections on that doctor’s visit. Doctor will prescribe supplements for the diet and you need to follow them. The results delivered by the therapy also depends on the mode of HCG administration. If you follow the instructions, you will get the opportunity to find a permanent solution to obesity and live happily.

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